Abbeyfield Residential

Christopher Collins, the housing coordinator at Abbeyfield in Girton, Cambridge, discusses the significant improvement in their heating system after installing the X-POT. Abbeyfield, a flagship property with 76 apartments, faced ongoing issues with leaks and resident complaints about heating problems.

Traditionally, commercial premises have relied on chemicals added via dosing pots combined with dirt and air separators to mitigate system inefficiencies caused by corrosion, scale, bacteria, and fouling. However, this method only slows down the degradation process. The X-POT, recognised as the new industry benchmark for water quality, offers a substantial upgrade by dramatically improving water quality and system efficiency. It can be installed in a morning’s work, replacing traditional dosing pots, and is unmatched in terms of installation cost and speed.

Within 24 hours of installation, the X-POT filters the entire water volume in the system. It first removes a significant amount of debris in the primary chamber, where larger oxygen particles are separated and released, while fouling particles are attracted to magnets, accumulating magnetite sludge. The water then moves to the secondary chamber, where finer filtration occurs without the risk of blockage due to the primary chamber’s efficiency. This system ensures that the water re-entering the main system is thoroughly filtered, leading to more effective and reliable operation, reduced operational and capital expenditure costs, and extended lifecycle of system components.

The implementation of the X-POT has been described as life-changing, significantly enhancing heating efficiency and value.

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