Calibre Environmental

We’ve interviewed Andrew Bowen from Calibre Environmental Ltd, a water treatment specialist company, to find out how they are using our hydronic solutions in a number of commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications.

They have found the main advantages of having an X-POT installed are the fact it minimises time should the system be found to require flushing, it eases regular maintenance and it’s an item that takes up no further room. It will save costs in the long run by helping to protect the system that it is actually installed to.

How will we improve your system?

Click here for a quick and easy automatic X-POT® system configuration that suits your needs or get in touch to find out more.

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Sutherland Farms

Sutherland Farms owns and operates several broiler poultry farms in the United Kingdom.

Having installed biomass boilers in some of its farms, George Adsetts, a director

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