Calibre Environmental

We’ve interviewed Andrew Bowen from Calibre Environmental Ltd, a water treatment specialist company, to find out how they are using our hydronic solutions in a number of commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications.

He highlights the X-POT’s effectiveness in addressing heavy contamination in water systems, which traditionally could require extensive flushing, sometimes lasting up to three weeks. The X-POT simplifies this process significantly, allowing engineers to efficiently replace filters and recommission the unit with minimal effort and time.

The main benefits of installing an X-POT, as outlined by Bowen, include reduced maintenance time, ease of regular maintenance without requiring additional space, and long-term cost savings by protecting the installed system. He advocates for the use of X-POT in new systems as an excellent preventative maintenance tool, noting its ability to catch particulates which could otherwise damage the system’s components. Bowen emphasises the X-POT’s efficiency by pointing out its easy servicing and the visible evidence of its operation, such as the magnet pack capturing magnetite sludge and the filter’s condition indicating the system’s health.

Calibre Environmental has received several inquiries about the X-POT and plans to install it in other client establishments, indicating a bright future for their collaboration with the X-POT technology.

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