How to Choose the Right Building Management System for You

Looking for the right Building Management System (BMS) for your business? This guide will help you compare features and costs to find the best value solution to fit your needs. Learn more about how BMS can help save money and improve performance in your facility.

Establish Your Goals and Requirements.

Before diving in, it’s important to have a clear set of goals and requirements for your Building Management System. Think about what results you would like to achieve with the system, such as energy savings and improved safety. Consider if you need certain features or flexibility in services offered. Having an outline of these objectives will help inform your search and make the selection process easier.

Research Your Options for Buying a Building Management System.

Spend time researching different Building Management Systems carefully. First, go through a list of available products and narrow it down to the best ones. Compare the features of each one, such as security levels, energy ratings, and price. This can help you decide what type of system is right for your business. Speak to experts within the industry for further advice on selecting the best Building Management System for you.

Understand What Different Types of BMS Solutions Are Available.

There are many different types of Building Management Systems that companies can opt for. Centralised BMS solutions allow users to easily view data from multiple buildings and sites from a single dashboard. Automated BMS solutions use technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) to monitor, manage, and optimise energy usage in buildings. Distributed BMS is suitable for smaller buildings where staff need to access data quickly and accurately. They tend to be the most cost effective option. Therefore, it’s important you understand what type of solution would best meet your company’s specific needs.

Assess User Interface and Interoperability Needs.

It is essential to ensure that your Building Management System has a user-friendly interface, so staff can navigate the platform easily. Plus, find out how well it integrates with other systems like ERP and energy management software. Check that your BMS provides granular levels of access rights for each member of staff too. This will make sure that only relevant information is visible to those who need it most, reducing the risk of an data breach or system error.

Consider Maintenance Costs And Total Cost of Ownership.

Remember that choosing the right Building Management System could save you money in the long run. Compare features and prices across vendors, but also look at maintenance costs. Most building management systems require some sort of maintenance or support plan; these typically involve ongoing fees in the region of thousands of pounds and need to be factored into the total cost of ownership.

VEXO Smart Building Management System: S-BMS

The VEXO S-BMS is a new concept in control and energy management, it is engineered to provide good value and increases accessibility to more types of buildings. Each S-BMS panel is fitted as standard with a wireless LoRaWAN Gateway, meaning you can improve control of your building without the need for field wiring / builders work and often pipe work modification, saving you thousands on installation costs.

How will we improve your system?

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