monopropylene ready-mix

Non-hazardous Glycol anti-freeze ready-mix

  • Superior monopropylene anti-freeze agent for chilled or condenser water installations
  • Includes X-PO10 inhibitor protection
  • Borate free
  • Low-toxicity monopropylene formula
  • No dilution required. Ready to use
  • Effective up to -12°C
anti freeze
low toxicity
low hazard glycol

product codes

  • 20 litre – VX-XPO50-20L

Why X-PO50?

  • Optimal Freeze Protection: X-PO50’s ready-mix formulation provides immediate, reliable protection against freezing, safeguarding your systems in even the most challenging climates.

  • Corrosion Inhibition: Beyond freeze protection, X-PO50 is enriched with corrosion inhibitors that extend the life of system components by preventing the corrosive effects of water and glycol mixtures.

  • Efficiency and Performance: Designed to maintain optimal heat transfer and flow properties, X-PO50 ensures your systems operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy costs and enhancing performance.

  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Reflecting our dedication to sustainability, X-PO50 is formulated with biodegradable components, making it a safer choice for the environment and compliant with green building standards.

  • Ready to Use: X-PO50’s pre-mixed solution eliminates the guesswork and potential errors of onsite mixing, providing a convenient, ready-to-use product that saves time and ensures consistent quality.

How X-PO50 Works

X-PO50 combines high-quality monopropylene glycol with advanced corrosion inhibitors in a pre-mixed solution, ready for immediate use in a variety of systems. This balanced formulation not only prevents freezing but also protects against corrosion and scaling, maintaining system integrity and operational efficiency.

The Benefits of X-PO50

  • Extended System Lifespan: By preventing freeze damage and inhibiting corrosion, X-PO50 extends the durability and lifespan of your systems, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: X-PO50’s formulation is designed to preserve the thermal properties of the heat transfer fluids, ensuring that systems run smoothly and efficiently, leading to lower energy consumption.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Choose X-PO50 for a solution that aligns with your sustainability goals, offering a non-toxic, biodegradable product that minimises environmental impact.

  • Convenience and Reliability: With X-PO50’s ready-mix formula, you can enjoy the convenience of a product that is easy to use and ensures consistent protection and performance across your systems.

The X-PO Range

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X-PO10 Commercial Inhibitor
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X-PO35 Non-Flush Cleanser
X-PO40 Heavy Duty Desludger
X-PO45 New System Cleaner
X-PO50 Monopropylene RM
X-PO55 Monopropylene C
X-PO80 Non-Potable Biocide
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