CIBSE Approved CPD Seminars

Our CIBSE Accredited CPD Seminar on Hydronic Closed Loop System Water is now open for bookings.

This course presents issues associated with poor water quality and how to mitigate these risks from design stage through to commissioning and operation. By undertaking this course, engineers can learn industry best practices that lead to longer lifespan of plant room equipment, reduced carbon footprint of space and operation, increased efficiency of systems and reduced energy operating expenses.

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Upcoming webinars

Thursday, 25th July, 2:00pm (BST)

What will we cover

Module 1

    1. Types of Closed Loop Systems relevant to this CPD
    2. Objectives of water treatment and specification
    3. Types of Corrosion

Module 2

    1. Design considerations for a clean and efficient system
    2. Carbon steel Hot or Cold form application – what you need to know
    3. Control’s philosophy consideration for water quality
    4. Plant upgrades and integration to existing secondary circuits

Module 3

    1. Specifying competent pre-commissioning cleaning and commissioning specialists
    2. Water Quality and Energy performance/lifecycle correlation
    3. Water Quality Specification Resources

Lunch and Learn CPD Seminars

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