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Mick Figg, the Head of Buildings at Somerset House, discusses the challenges and solutions associated with managing the heating system in the complex’s historic buildings. Somerset House lacked smart control over radiators, leading to energy waste and unsustainable practices, such as opening windows to cool down spaces. Figg was impressed by VEXO’s engineering knowledge and their solution using LoRaWAN technology, which enabled wide coverage with minimal equipment, overcoming the building’s significant thermal mass and reducing installation costs.

Christopher Collins, the housing coordinator at Abbeyfield in Girton, Cambridge, discusses the significant improvement in their heating system after installing the X-POT. Abbeyfield, a flagship property with 76 apartments, faced ongoing issues with leaks and resident complaints about heating problems. Traditionally, commercial premises have relied on chemicals added via dosing pots combined with dirt and air separators to mitigate system inefficiencies caused by corrosion, scale, bacteria, and fouling. However, this method only slows down the degradation process. The X-POT, recognised as the new industry benchmark for water quality, offers a substantial upgrade by dramatically improving water quality and system efficiency.

The main benefits of installing an X-POT, as outlined by Andrew Bowen, from Calibre Ebvironmental, include reduced maintenance time, ease of regular maintenance without requiring additional space, and long-term cost savings by protecting the installed system. He advocates for the use of X-POT in new systems as an excellent preventative maintenance tool, noting its ability to catch particulates which could otherwise damage the system’s components. Bowen emphasizes the X-POT’s efficiency by pointing out its easy servicing and the visible evidence of its operation, such as the magnet pack capturing magnetite sludge and the filter’s condition indicating the system’s health. 

George Adsets, a broiler producer with several farms across the Midlands, had installed biomass boilers three years ago to produce chickens for meat. They have then added X-POT to all their boilers to maximise their investment. After three months of use, the initial cleanout of the filters removed a significant amount of sludge, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system in the first few filter changes. Adsets highlights the importance of having a system that operates smoothly 24/7 for the next 20 years. He recommends the X-POT for its simplicity and effectiveness in keeping the system clean, which is crucial for long-term success.

Matthew Moore, Director at Total Water Services, an industrial water treatment company, shares his experience with the X-POT over approximately 14-15 months. Total Water Services specialises in legionella management, cooling and boiler water treatment, and chemical cleaning. They have installed about 20 X-POT units, emphasising the importance of maintaining a clean system to reduce gas bills by approximately 20% due to the energy inefficiency caused by scale or debris on heat exchangers. Moore highlights the X-POT’s effectiveness in older systems where traditional chemical cleaning could cause leaks due to its aggressive nature.

Allen + Shariff MEP, a company specialising in commercial and institutional work, successfully used the X-POT in a retrofit project to address an ongoing sediment issue caused by years of neglect and lack of water treatment. The X-POT, with its small flow through the side stream, efficiently removed scale and particulate from the system and continues to provide benefits. Described as a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife, the X-POT combines many products into one, offering solutions for engineers needing to improve system deficiencies, new constructions aiming to prevent future failures, and service companies solving existing problems.

A military base had encountered a persistent problem with high levels of bacteria in their water system, leading to clogged pipes, pumps, and boilers despite weeks of flushing efforts. The issue persisted, prompting them to consult their local representative who recommended the X-POT and X-PO35 additive. Upon military base approval for environmental safety, they installed the X-POT along with a temporary 75-gallon per minute bag filter. This setup effectively removed the biofilm from the pipes within 24 hours, significantly clearing the system after a subsequent flush. To protect the system moving forward, they also utilised the X-P010 inhibitor, resulting in crystal clear system water within days.

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