Hospital Water Treatment

Hospitals are varied and diverse. Encompassing small buildings up to very large developments with the availability for thousands of patients at any time. With busy emergency departments through to day care centres, heating, cooling and condensing systems are core to the comfort of patients, staff and visitors.

MRI and CT scanner diagnostic tools in hospitals require immense cooling to keep their electromagnets cool. The cooling system must be in optimum condition to prevent nuisance outages and potentially voided warranties.

A hospital water treatment programme can mitigate internal issues for HVAC hydronic systems including those used to heat and cool patient wards and cool MRI and CT scanner electromagnets. Internal issues can include corrosion, scale, bacteria and sludge.

VEXO’s holistic approach to hospital water treatment combining additives, filtration and intelligent building controls ensures superior protection for your buildings and MRI or CT scanner cooling systems.

VEXO’s side stream filter, the X-POT, protects the system by ensuring the system water is as clean as possible. Operating in side stream, it can be maintained with no down time to your hydronic HVAC system. It is easy to install and can be retrofitted to systems enabling the operation of existing hospital infrastructure and systems. The all-in-one solution combines powerful rare-earth magnetic filtration with superfine cartridge or bag filtration and a dosing pot and air and dirt separator into one easy to install application.
VEXO’s full additive suite optimise performance by ensuring hospital water treatment systems are adequately treated for bacteria, sludge, scale and are passivated for corrosion. Formulated in the UK by leading UK chemists the NSF certified additives have been proven to reduce energy costs in HVAC hydronic environments. Used with an X-POT, the VEXO additives extend the warranty by 3 years to 8 years total.
VEXO’s S-BMS Intelligent building management systems create the power to intelligently reduce emissions, save energy and enable dynamic control of buildings. S-BMS solutions are ready to go out of the box, pre-configured to the requirements of the client, and allow the user to stay connected to their maintained properties wherever they are in the world. S-BMS creates the power to unlock savings with the N-RG Hub and reach further with LoRaWAN technology.
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A hospital water treatment programme encompassing filtration and additives can overcome the issues present in HVAC hydronic systems and ensure optimum performance, certifying the best return on your CAPEX investment. Further investment in S-BMS technology can unlock advanced savings and reduce carbon emissions.

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