Infrastructure Water Treatment

Untreated hydronic HVAC systems are at risk from corrosion, scale, bacteria and sludge or fouling, causing system inefficiency, increased energy consumption and creating the potential to cause leaks and equipment failures, unexpected maintenance, and potential downtime. A water treatment programme can help mitigate the threat from these problems.

The UK government is committed to reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. VEXO’s mission is to assist in mitigating global warming by helping clients reduce their carbon consumption. VEXO products can assist public sector buildings reach their government set target of reducing emissions by 50% by 2032 against 2017 levels. – Source The Sixth Carbon Budget, Buildings by the Climate Change Committee.

Infrastructure buildings vary in design and requirements, and they all need reliable heating, cooling or condensing systems. For example, Data centres generate immense heat, which can cause stress and damage to server components, leading to down time and a reduced lifespan for equipment. Inefficient cooling systems increase data centre energy bills and carbon consumption.

VEXO’s holistic approach to water treatment encompassing filtration, additives and smart building controls can ensure system reliability optimal performance and reduced costs, certifying the best return on your CAPEX investment.

VEXO’s X-POT is an all-in-one, patented side stream filter that combines powerful rare-earth magnet filters, super-fine bag or cartridge filtration and an air and dirt separator with dosing pot capability. The patented X-POT ensures the hydronic system water is as clean as possible, mitigating the risk from scale, corrosion, bacteria and sludge.
The NSF and Energy Savings Trust certified inhibitor protects systems during normal operation. VEXO’s full suite of additives clean and passivate existing and new systems, enhancing performance and protecting the lifespan of equipment as well as safeguarding CAPEX investment, while reducing overhead energy costs and unexpected maintenance or call out fees.
VEXO’s S-BMS range of smart building controls allow you to control more for less. Connecting wirelessly from anywhere in the world via the cloud-based system, S-BMS offers true connectivity, anytime, anywhere. Unlock savings with the N-RG Hub energy management system which interrogates energy usage and enables users to intelligently reduce carbon emissions.
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