Industrial Water Treatment

VEXO’s holistic approach to industrial water treatment combines innovative products, filtration and additives that work together to protect your system and were created to improve the hydronic HVAC industry standards.

Hidden problems in your system can cause scale, corrosion, bacteria and biofilm and fouling or sludge. These issues create inefficiency, increased energy consumption, partial blockages, restricted flow, leaks, reduced equipment lifespan and potential component failures, leading to an ineffective and unreliable system.

When running a production line that relies on hydronic heating and/or cooling systems to warm up or cool down part of the line, any downtime or inefficiencies cost money, jeopardising delivery times for clients and ultimately the client relationship, all of which can have financial implications. Ensuring there is a consistent production water treatment programme in place will mitigate this risk posed to your business. Proactive maintenance saves the business from reactive repairs and ensures optimum efficiency.

The VEXO X-POT was designed to tackle commercial systems, from the small to the very large and including heavy industrial applications. Its innovative design allows simple retrofit application and ease of maintenance. The X-POT all-in-one provides full side stream filtration in a dosing pot, combining incredibly powerful magnetic filtration along with fine cartridge or bag filtration, air separator, dirt separator and dosing unit.

Capturing debris, sludge and biofilms, the X-POT ensures the system water is as clean as possible to help to maintain the condition of your equipment while optimising efficiency and reliability.
Industrial corrosion inhibitor slows and controls corrosion in HVAC hydronic systems, maintaining the lifecycle of your installation and reducing the risk from component failures and energy inefficiencies.
VEXO’s new range of intelligent building controls enable building managers to save energy and reduce costs with active monitoring, integration of energy usage and live data analysis of your building management system. Redefining a traditional approach to heating controls and controlling more for less, S-BMS can help you reduce carbon emissions while saving you money.
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