Residential Water Treatment

Residential properties require regular maintenance to ensure the occupier’s service level is always met. Failure to meet tenants’ expectations can result in a breakdown of relationship, loss of residents and in some cases litigation. Heating and cooling systems are a large part of the service required to ensure a home is habitable whilst also protecting building fabric. Guaranteeing these systems have the best protection with a residential water treatment programme can reduce unexpected breakdowns, reactive maintenance fees and will ensure the system runs at optimum efficiency.

Wherever hydronic systems for heating, condensing or cooling are in place issues such as scale, corrosion, bacteria sludge or fouling are likely to occur. A water treatment programme mitigates against these issues and passivates the system against corrosion.

VEXO’s holistic approach to residential water treatment encompasses additives, filtration and incorporates intelligent building management controls to further control systems and reduce carbon emissions with products designed to address facility environmental responsibility.

VEXO’s X-POT all-in-one side stream filter ensures your HVAC hydronic system has the cleanest water possible flowing through it. The X-POT combines powerful magnetic filters with superfine bag or cartridge filtration an air & dirt separator with dosing pot capability into one filter unit. Placed in side-stream, the X-POT can be maintained with no need to turn off the heating, cooling or condensing system. Designed to be simple to install and easy to retrofit to existing systems and maintain, the X-POT is the UK leader in closed loop side stream filtration.
VEXO’s full range of water treatment additives can treat existing issues for corrosion, scale, bacteria fouling or sludge, and passivate new systems for optimum performance. Made in the UK and formulated by leading UK chemists the low-hazard, super concentrate formula reduces environmental impact and cuts down storage and transport fees.
VEXO’s S-BMS Smart Business Management Systems facilitate the dynamic control of your residential properties. Ensuring live connection via the cloud from anywhere in the world, the S-BMS panel wirelessly connects to the strongest available network offering truly wireless access, anytime, anywhere. S-BMS comes with LoRaWAN reliable wireless gateway as standard, providing more control, improved comfort control and enhances energy reductions. The system comes with the option to add wireless field sensors, TRV heads, relays, zone valve and extender panels enabling you to control the environment in unoccupied access areas and save money while reducing carbon emissions.
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