St Pancras Hospital Case Study

Functionality & Performance Testing

An X-POT prototype, which would later on become the X-POT XP+, was installed in the boiler room at St Pancras Hospital in London for a four month trial.

During this time, measurements, samples and photographs of the heating system and components were taken to assess the benefits of the unit as well as the X-PO10 inhibitor used to treat the water.

Following the trial and collating the results and analysis, this system as a whole was found to be operating at a conservatively 10 to 20% higher efficiency.

Following the introduction of the X-POT and the accompanying X-PO10 inhibitor into our system we can foresee less maintenance call outs and a definite rise in efficiency, which will result in lower fuel and maintenance costs.
Steve Wade
Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more about the methodology used, system overview, laboratory analysis reports and all the benefits proven from the trial.

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