Total Water Services

Matthew Moore, Director at Total Water Services, an industrial water treatment company, shares his experience with the X-POT over approximately 14-15 months.

Total Water Services specialises in legionella management, cooling and boiler water treatment, and chemical cleaning. They have installed about 20 X-POT units, emphasising the importance of maintaining a clean system to reduce gas bills by approximately 20% due to the energy inefficiency caused by scale or debris on heat exchangers. Moore highlights the X-POT’s effectiveness in older systems where traditional chemical cleaning could cause leaks due to its aggressive nature. In contrast, the X-POT offers a gentler, more gradual cleaning process. The easy maintenance of the X-POT, which includes changing filters and cleaning magnets, can be a pathway to more frequent client interactions and potentially more business.

One significant benefit of the X-POT cited by Moore is its tangible value to clients, demonstrated by showing the amount of debris removed from the system. This feature particularly impressed a pharmaceutical client, who noted that their production line, which generates $200 per second, no longer requires a two-day annual shutdown for maintenance thanks to the X-POT, resulting in substantial savings.

This success story has not only solidified the client’s appreciation but has also led to Total Water Services securing additional work on the site. Conclusively, after a year of using the X-POT, Total Water Services reports only positive feedback from their clients, underscoring the product’s reliability and effectiveness across various marketplaces within the water treatment industry.

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