Turn up the Efficiency (without turning down the heat)

In today’s rapidly evolving world, optimising building performance and energy efficiency is of paramount importance. Building owners and representatives are constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, enhance tenant satisfaction, and meet sustainability and net zero emission targets. This is where VEXO’s Smart Building Management System (S-BMS) comes into play. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced features, S-BMS revolutionises building management, offering a wide range of benefits that improve performance, conserve energy, and ensure tenant comfort. 

Maximising Performance and Energy Savings


One of the key advantages of VEXO’s S-BMS is its ability to maximise energy savings and improve the overall performance of buildings. By intelligently optimising energy usage, the system ensures that buildings operate at peak efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. With S-BMS, building owners can achieve better Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings and contribute to a greener future by reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel-operated plantroom equipment. 

Increasing Tenant Satisfaction


Happy tenants are the backbone of any successful building. With VEXO’s S-BMS, building owners can provide their tenants with increased comfort and satisfaction. The system allows for precise control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, ensuring optimal indoor climate conditions at all times. Say goodbye to temperature complaints and hello to happy, productive tenants who can focus on their work without any discomfort. 

Unparalleled Security and Customer Service 


At VEXO, we understand the importance of security and customer service in building management. That’s why our S-BMS offers tiered level user access, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring data protection. With our system, building owners can have peace of mind knowing that their buildings are secure and their data is safe. Additionally, the real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities of S-BMS enable efficient customer service, allowing prompt issue resolution and a seamless experience for tenants.

The Logical BMS Choice 


S-BMS is the logical choice for building owners and representatives looking to optimise building performance and efficiency. It bridges the gap between fixed logic controls and standalone BMS systems, offering unprecedented control and flexibility, for a fraction of the cost of traditional BMS. Whether installed by a BMS integrator or an M&E contractor, our control panels are designed with you in mind, providing advanced technology and precise control over heating strategies.

Future-Proofing Your BMS 


Unlike traditional BMS systems that may become outdated over time, S-BMS is designed to be future-proof. With frequent updates and adaptability to new technologies, S-BMS ensures improved efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. By investing in a modern BMS system, building owners can enjoy a range of benefits, including energy and cost savings, increased cybersecurity, remote monitoring, and easier maintenance. 

S-BMS and S-IOT: The Perfect Combination 


To further enhance building management capabilities, VEXO offers the integration of IoT devices through its S-IOT solution. Whether installed independently or in conjunction with S-BMS, S-IOT provides a versatile and energy-saving solution for localised control. With wireless technology and LoRaWAN devices, S-IOT ensures minimal client disruption during installation and seamless control and monitoring without the need for extensive wiring or modifications. 

LoRaWAN for Smart Building Management 


S-BMS leverages the power of LoRaWAN technology for smart building management. LoRaWAN devices enable long-range data transmission with minimal power consumption, making them ideal for buildings with widely spaced sensors. Additionally, LoRaWAN equipment is cost-effective and scalable, allowing for the integration of many devices and easy integration with various smart building tools. 

S-BMS Control Panels: Features and Benefits 


VEXO’s S-BMS control panels are designed to optimise building performance and efficiency. With pre-loaded strategies and tailored equipment compatibility, these panels offer enhanced control and flexibility. The panels support different heat sources, controlled via VFC or 0-10V control, and various circuits such as CT circuits and VT circuits. They also come with a wireless LoRaWAN Gateway for improved control without the need for extensive wiring.

S-BMS Specification and Plantroom Add-On Products 


VEXO’s S-BMS control panels come in three different options: S-BMS 322, S-BMS 333, and S-BMS 455. These panels are equipped with wireless LoRaWAN Gateways and can facilitate a range of devices, depending on the model. Additionally, VEXO offers plantroom add-on products such as immersion temperature sensor kits to monitor temperature within pipework and pressurisation units for optimal performance. 

Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories 


To showcase the effectiveness of S-BMS, VEXO has conducted several case studies. One notable example is the Somerset House, which successfully avoided the pitfalls of traditional wired BMS installations by implementing LoRaWAN smart controls with VEXO’s S-BMS. These case studies demonstrate the tangible benefits of S-BMS in terms of energy savings, improved comfort, and streamlined building management processes. 

“We are currently seeing around 30% of gas savings compared to other base years, which in the investment that I’ve done means a payback period between five and six years, which is fairly short, for the size of the building.”
Mick Figg 
Head of Buildings, Somerset House



In conclusion, VEXO’s Smart Building Management System (S-BMS) is a game-changer for building owners and representatives. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, S-BMS maximises energy savings, enhances tenant satisfaction, and ensures a secure and sustainable environment. With its future-proof design, integration of IoT devices, and LoRaWAN technology, S-BMS offers unparalleled control, scalability, and efficiency. 

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