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As summer approaches, many building owners and operators may consider implementing a summer shutdown of their HVAC systems to save energy and reduce costs. But what exactly is a summer shutdown, and how can you prepare for it?

What is a Summer Shutdown?

A summer shutdown is a scheduled period during which a building’s HVAC system is turned off or set to a minimal operation mode. This is typically done when the building is not in use, such as during a holiday period or weekends, to save energy and reduce costs. Preparing for a summer shutdown is crucial to ensure a successful shutdown period and prevent any negative impacts on the HVAC system’s performance.

Preparing for a Summer Shutdown

Planning is critical to the success of a summer shutdown, and there are several steps building owners and operators can take to prepare their buildings for the shutdown period.

One key step is to work with HVAC technicians to identify any potential issues and ensure that the system is shut down and restarted correctly. This includes performing any necessary maintenance tasks, such as replacing filters, checking for leaks, and cleaning coils.

Building owners and operators should also consider the needs of the building and its occupants when planning for a summer shutdown. For example, they should communicate the shutdown period to occupants and provide any necessary instructions or precautions to take during the shutdown period. This may involve adjusting HVAC time clocks according to required schedules.

BSRIA’s BG50/2021 Water Treatment for Closed Loop Systems also offers advice on chemical water treatment for the summer months. As many heating systems are switched off during this time, this means they develop the right conditions for bacteria to grow. As well as continued circulation, of at least an hour a day, it is recommended the system is dosed with biocides such as VEXO X-PO80 prior to the seasonal shutdown in order to prevent bacteria growth during these ‘down times’.

Upgrading with VEXO's X-POT Side Stream Filtration Device

While preparing for a summer shutdown is essential, building owners and operators can also take steps to improve their HVAC system’s performance during and after the shutdown period. One way to do this is by upgrading their side stream filtration, chemical dosing pots or air and dirt separators to VEXO’s X-POT Side Stream Filtration device.

The X-POT device is a compact, self-contained filtration system designed to be installed in the side stream of HVAC systems. It filters the water flowing through the system, removing any air, impurities, corrosive microbubbles and preventing the build-up of dirt, debris, and bacteria. This helps improve the efficiency of the system and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns or repairs.

Additionally, the X-POT Side Stream Filtration device is easy to install and maintain, and its compact size makes it ideal for use in a variety of buildings and HVAC systems.

Let X-POT take care of your system this summer.

By following the guidance provided by BSRIA, building owners and operators can identify any potential issues, communicate effectively with occupants, and ensure a successful shutdown period.

Furthermore, upgrading to VEXO’s X-POT Side Stream Filtration device can help improve HVAC system performance during and after a summer shutdown, ultimately reducing energy consumption and costs.

Let us help you save energy, water and CO2 emissions

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