Water Treatment in Agriculture & Farming

Reliable heating systems are essential for farmers, from keeping livestock warm when young or during cold spells to germination and storage. Water quality in your hydronic HVAC system can link directly to the cost of operating it. Less energy is required when the system water is as clean as possible meaning running costs are reduced and the system is protected from fouling, bacteria, corrosion and scale formation.

If you run a Biomass Boiler you could be losing 10% RHI or more from dirty water on the average system. This equals to £1,750 per year. The former DECC says you may be losing money. “Incorrect heat measurement could lead to under payment and loss of revenue for RHI participants.” Quoted from a report covering AECOM and BSRIA together with input from DECC and OFGEM. The report sets out the following: What you can do to reduce the occurrence of these errors:

  • Water quality – maintaining good water quality is important for all components of a heating system. Where water quality is poor, accelerated wear and corrosion are likely to lead to increased maintenance and reduced component life.

  • Dirt – Indications are that dirt or other deposits can cause very large measurement errors of over 10% … Other contaminants that could form deposits or alter water properties include Magnetite, a product of corrosion and therefore an indication of poor water quality.

What can be done to avoid this? A water treatment for agriculture regime should be implemented. Ensure your system has the best defence whilst reducing operational costs and maintaining lifecycle of your investment with VEXO’s holistic approach to water treatment in agriculture and farming.

Filtration is required to clear the system of loose debris such as biofilm or sludge. The X-POT magnetic filters collect magnetite, the cartridge or bag filter collects super-fine particles down to 1 or 0.5micron depending on the system installed. The X-POT releases air from the system and allows simple and safe chemical dosing.
VEXO’s full suite of additives offer complete system protection to protect from scale, corrosion, bacteria and fouling or sludge. The super-concentrate, low hazard formula reduces the impact on the environment.
VEXO’s S-BMS Smart Business Management Systems facilitate the dynamic control of your properties. The system comes with the option to add wireless field sensors, TRV heads, relays, zone valve and extender panels enabling you to control the environment in unoccupied access areas and save money while reducing carbon emissions.
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