our mission

Inspire collective change for a sustainable future to end the climate crisis

VEXO International are HVAC protection specialists. We aim to assist with the mitigation of global warming by offering long term sustainable design and product solutions. Protecting the environment is at the heart of our company, meaning we support our clients to achieve low carbon or carbon neutral with VEXO solutions.

We design and deliver highly efficient products and services, ensuring system design efficiency is protected and improved. VEXO X-POTs are built from the ground up to ensure ease of use, minimising and simplifying installation and servicing, with an uncompromising approach to quality and customer service

At VEXO we offer a holistic approach to water treatment: filtration equipment, additives, tests, remote monitoring, BMS, technical service and constant innovation, all whilst working towards reaching our net zero carbon goal.

Protecting nature is our second nature

Our EPIC Values

Environment & Sustainability

Protecting the planet is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in a sustainable future by holding ourselves accountable to our net zero carbon goals and developing solutions for the climate crisis most complex challenges.

We drive positive change and we make a positive impact on the environment.

People & Education

We believe everyone can make a difference and help solve the climate crisis.

To protect the planet and ensure a sustainable future we must lead the way and share our knowledge so others can do the same.

We look after the well-being of our people and industry, empowering them to pursue their own sustainability goals.


We aim to disrupt the industry through science and technology.

A challenge is not only a solution waiting to happen but also an opportunity to make something better.

We promote creative ideas and welcome feedback from all team members and clients to constantly improve our efficiency.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Together with our clients and partners we can help solve the climate crisis.

We need the help and collaboration of others to achieve our mission.

Our team works collaboratively towards the same goals, developing innovative solutions and taking responsibility for the environment and our partners and clients’ challenges.

Accreditations, Awards & Standards

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