Water Treatment Additives

Superior Treatment Suite for Heating and Cooling System Water

The quality of the water in your HVAC system directly correlates to the cost of running those systems. The cleaner the water, the less energy is consumed meaning costs are reduced and the system is best defended from scale, corrosion, bacteria and fouling.

The X-PO Range

X-PO10 Commercial Inhibitor
X-PO20 De-Scaling Agent
X-PO35 Non-Flush Cleanser
X-PO40 Heavy Duty Desludger
X-PO45 New System Cleaner
X-PO50 Monopropylene RM
X-PO55 Monopropylene C
X-PO80 Non-Potable Biocide

The X-PO range offers low-hazard, high-quality performance where it counts

  • Continuous R&D by industry leading professionals
  • A holistic 360 range of additives, equipment and tests
  • Higher concentrate = less waste and storage
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