Water Treatment Additives

X-PO Additives Range

Superior Treatment Suite for Heating and Cooling System Water

The quality of the water in your HVAC system directly correlates to the cost of running those systems. The cleaner the water, the less energy is consumed meaning costs are reduced and the system is best defended from scale, corrosion, bacteria and fouling.

The VEXO X-PO range of system inhibitors, treatment agents and disinfectant are specifically designed to meet the stringent energy and water saving protocols as well as system protection and additive safety requirements for the modern building industry. The VEXO X-PO range focuses on providing a full, one-stop range of additives, jointly meeting ALL the hygiene and system protection needs of any size heating, chilling or condenser water system. The VEXO X-PO range seeks to eliminate energy and water wastage wherever possible, making it the most economical option on the market. 

Our highly experienced team of chemists and application experts, in conjunction with international technology partners, have formulated unique product technologies, such as our ‘Non-Flush’ system cleaners and the industry lowest dilution concentrations, ensuring every litre of X-PO additives dose further than any other product on the market. The relevant products in the VEXO X-PO range are Buildcert accredited and also sanctioned for use by leading boiler and heating system manufacturers.

When combined with the VEXO X-POT range of side stream filtration and dosing units, the X-PO range brings increased system life, efficiency, less mechanical breakdowns and adds value engineering to your system. The VEXO X-POT is available from all major distributors in the UK and internationally via strategic partnerships, further reducing logistics and packaging costs.

The X-PO Range

X-PO10 Commercial Inhibitor
X-PO10 Commercial Inhibitor
X-PO20 De-Scaling Agent
X-PO35 Non-Flush Cleanser
X-PO40 Heavy Duty Desludger
X-PO45 New System Cleaner
X-PO50 Monopropylene RM
X-PO55 Monopropylene C
X-PO80 Non-Potable Biocide

The VEXO X-PO range of system inhibitors, treatment agents and disinfectant offer low-hazard, high-quality performance where it counts:

  • Higher concentration = less waste, storage & costs
  • Non-Flush system cleaners = less water usage in flushing
  • Higher system efficiency = lower energy bills
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