S-BMS for Contractors

Introducing VEXO's Smart Building Management System: Revolutionising Efficiency and Cost Savings

Are you a contractor looking to enhance your clients’ building operations while maximizing cost savings? Look no further than VEXO’s Smart Building Management System. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to optimise energy usage, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall energy conservation and operational efficiency, delivering unparalleled value to your clients.

Value added to your clients

With VEXO’s S-BMS, your clients can experience substantial cost savings. Our advanced technology enables precise energy optimisation, ensuring that every kilowatt is utilised efficiently. By reducing energy consumption and promoting energy conservation, your clients can significantly lower their utility bills, making their buildings more cost-effective and sustainable.

Additionally, our system minimises maintenance costs by providing real-time insights into equipment performance, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing costly breakdowns. The result? Improved operational efficiency and reduced expenses for your clients.

Reliability and ease of installation

At VEXO, we understand the importance of reliability and ease of installation for contractors.

S-BMS is built with industry-leading technology, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure. With minimal setup time and field wiring required, our user-friendly system can be installed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and material costs.

Rest assured that our system is designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance, providing peace of mind to both you and your clients.

Reduced time on site

Time is money, and VEXO’s Smart Building Management System is here to help you optimise both. Our intuitive interface and streamlined processes significantly reduce the time contractors spend on site. With remote monitoring and control capabilities, you can efficiently manage multiple buildings from a centralised location, eliminating the need for frequent site visits.

Our system empowers you to remotely troubleshoot issues, make adjustments, and perform diagnostics, saving you valuable time and resources. By reducing time on site, you can take on more projects, increase your productivity, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Unlock a world of efficiency, cost savings, and client satisfaction.

Book a demo now to learn more about how VEXO can transform your business and propel you towards the future of BMS.

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here are some more reasons why S-BMS is the right choice for you

  • Simple selection & quotation – based on heat source
  • 3 Standard panels with pre-loaded strategies
  • Electrician friendly installation and simple self-commissioning
  • Secure remote online access with 3 user levels and 24/7 access
  • Automatic alarm notification avoiding unnecessary call outs
  • Standard LoRaWAN wireless gateway to reliably connect to your building with expansion panels available to connect up to 300 devices
  • A full range of smart TRV heads, temperature sensors, window switches, remote relays, hot water sensors and more
  • BACnet Connectivity and technical support from VEXO

Case Studies

Somerset House Case Study

In this case study we explore how Somerset House avoided some of the pitfalls of traditional wired BMS installations by introducing LoRaWAN smart controls by VEXO S-BMS.

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