Allen + Shariff

Allen + Shariff is an international MEP engineering firm providing consulting, design, and project management services in the United States and the Middle East., successfully used the X-POT in a retrofit project to address an ongoing sediment issue caused by years of neglect and lack of water treatment.

The X-POT, with its small flow through the side stream, efficiently removed scale and particulate from the system and continues to provide benefits. Described as a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife, the X-POT combines many products into one, offering solutions for engineers needing to improve system deficiencies, new constructions aiming to prevent future failures, and service companies solving existing problems.

Facilities managers appreciate the X-POT for its aesthetic finish and ease of cleanability. Greystar, owning multiple historical buildings and luxury loft apartments in Pittsburgh, faced major plumbing issues such as continuous clogs, leaks, and heating problems. The X-POT has been instrumental in addressing these issues by capturing sediment and making maintenance tasks, like changing out bags, quick and efficient. Its ability to improve building performance by ensuring cleaner water has been highlighted as a significant benefit. Cleaner systems lead to more efficient performance, reduced need for water flushing, and less reliance on chemicals for cleaning.

Garett Selestow, from Emerson Swan, emphasises the importance of believing in the products they represent, noting that the X-POT’s multifaceted benefits make it an easy sell to customers looking for effective solutions. Michael Bergen Jr from Allen + Shariff, personally specifies the X-POT for as many projects as possible, underscoring its wide-ranging advantages for clients.

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