Military Base in North America

The armed forces have a reputation for their organisation and efficiency. Responsible for military bases, Naval ships and other bases, the military ensure building services including heating, cooling and condensing systems are reliable and operate at optimum efficiency.

A military base had encountered a persistent problem with high levels of bacteria in their water system, leading to clogged pipes, pumps, and boilers despite weeks of flushing efforts. The issue persisted, prompting them to consult their local representative who recommended the X-POT and X-PO35 additive.

Upon military base approval for environmental safety, they installed the X-POT along with a temporary 75-gallon per minute bag filter. This setup effectively removed the biofilm from the pipes within 24 hours, significantly clearing the system after a subsequent flush. To protect the system moving forward, they also utilised the X-P010 inhibitor, resulting in crystal clear system water within days. The X-POT Side Stream Filtration system features a magnetic filter, a filter cartridge for removing microbubbles of air, and can be easily retrofitted into existing systems without major disturbances.

Its design allows for simple maintenance, significantly reducing the likelihood of neglect. Following the success at the military base, the X-POT has become a standard installation for all new and retrofitted boiler systems managed by the team, showcasing its effectiveness in biofilm removal and system protection.

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