IoT Panels (S-IOT)

Introducing S-IOT, the cutting-edge solution for integrating IoT devices into buildings. Whether installed independently, in conjunction with S-BMS, or alongside an existing BMS, our S-IOT panels combined with LoRaWAN devices offer a versatile and energy-saving solution for localised control.

With S-IOT, you can experience minimal client disruption during installation, thanks to our wireless technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive wiring and builders’ work. Our wireless LoRaWAN Gateway, included as standard in each S-IOT panel, allows for seamless control and monitoring without the need for field wiring or modifications.

Enjoy the flexibility of multi-customised control zones, providing you with precise control over different areas of your building. From heat sources and VT zones to CT zones and LoRaWAN devices, our panels can accommodate a variety of control points, ensuring that your building’s systems reach their full potential.

Battery life and maintenance are a breeze with S-IOT. Our devices are designed to be user-friendly and discreet, blending seamlessly into any environment. With extended battery life and efficient power management, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your control panels are always up and running.

With S-IOT you can upgrade buildings in planned stages, allowing you to spread the costs and minimise disruption as well as use financial returns from energy savings for further updates.

Product Description Product Code
Wireless IoT Control Panel (100 Devices)
Controls up to 100 LoRaWan devices, allowing for 25 independent control groups.
Wireless IoT Control Panel (250 Devices)
Controls up to 250 LoRaWan devices, allowing for 50 independent control groups.
LoRaWan Range Extender
Extends LoRaWan range by approx. 3 floors, 10 internal brick walls or 30 plasterboard walls**

*IoT Control Panels are H500xW400xD210 (45kg)
**Connection Range is based on specific environmental / physical conditions

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